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© 2018 | Oil on Paper

A representation of the V3D245 Treiberplatine VS13777 motherboard, 0000-0110 execution embodies hardware soley designed for show.

Looking for hardware outside of a box, I came across the V3D245 monitor board. While other subjects seemed to initiate a sub / urban development, this particular board reminded me of a playground I used to frequent with a childhood friend.

Prepped at the same time with the same technique as the 0000-0101, 0000-0110 is the most colorful board in this series. Here, the rendition is full of play – forms merge with each other with reckless abandon.

With other works I have a distinct memory of fabricating the work, with 0000-0110 I have no recollection.  I was probably having too much fun painting.

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