© 2017 | Oil on Canvas

Competition is a re-purposing of an older canvas with a different painting from another series.

Originally, the canvas was a still life from the planned Patriarchal series –  paintings that were to be about masculine games of domination. In that work, called Inter-jection, I had a large eggplant spreading apart two smaller pears. I only created two for the series before I decided that it really wasn’t worth my time.

While Dominate, the other work, found itself into a private collection, Inter-jection resided in the back of my closet for longer than I would like to admit. Frustrated one-day at the lack of supplies, I ventured deep into my storage to find something to sacrifice. Seeing Inter-jection there made me laugh because I knew exactly what I was going to do with him: create a representation of an internal competition with one’s Self.

Here, I challenged myself to create a different work, about female realization, that was, literally, on top of obsolete myths of masculinity. The topical choice was determined by the pre-existing image.

The odd circular ball behind the figure is how I figured out how to get around the back of one of the pre-existing pears.

I am happy to say, I love this painting far more that the previous one.




Inter-jection © 2008 John Zavocki
Dominate © 2008 John Zavocki

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