© 2018 | Oil on Canvas

TAATACGACTCACTATAGGG is a rendering of two entities derived from a single one.

As an experiment, I was working through creating a reliable process for narrative phrases. I had an idea for a specific dynamic I wanted to express but was unsure of the exact pictorial language game that would get me there. As I worked on the canvas, I quickly put down the basis to communicate my ideas. Then, I turned the wet canvas towards the wall for several weeks.

When I came back to it, I was pleased with the result and started to work around the figures. The graphic is from a patent owned by the company where I worked. I chose that particular diagram because the nature of it fit the gestures of the figures. I painted around the negative space and retired.

When I awoke in the morning and looked at the previous nights work – I absolutely hated the result. The thought was getting lost in the graphic and the personas were detangled. As I started to paint over the canvas with black paint, I worked a conversation between the two figures and then around the upper right. This black moment, which intellectually would seem to rip apart the conversation, began to hold the conversation together.

I resisted the desire to fill in the lower right quadrant. When I returned to the painting after a couple more weeks, I saw that the accidental black drip on the right side was a the perfect expression of how I wanted to occupy / energize that negative space.

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