© 2018 | Oil on Canvas

My Twitter stream sees much conversations about the LGBTQIA communities over the past years – communities that I love and support. I was working through my weekly practice when I started to paint this portrait.

The source material was an image of the powerful Sydni Deveraux , a beautiful Burlesque performer out of NYC. I did a very quick portrait of her and, right beside her, decided to do one of Adele, without makeup, as I dived into my painting practice.

There comes a moment when I am playing when I go off in reckless abandon and let what will be, be. I was losing myself in the forms of her face and, when I stepped back, the portrait looked nothing like Sydni – but rather a him or a her – or, rather, equal parts, or ?

I decided to wipe out Adele (sorry Adele) and thought about the streams that have been floating by. Individuals who are evolving all things pertaining to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people – issues of sexuality, identity, gender and freedom of expression. The conversation of representation in tech. The fatigue of dealing with presumptions. The chronic notions of “ugh, why is the always so predictable!”

I was meditating about other individuals whose identity remains far more static. How their history of suppression / oppression of foreign identity is still viral. How they want to wipe away any object to their definition of the way things aught to be.

Now modern tools of communication, empower individuals to organize and find each other and craft the world according to their vision.

In spite of.

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