Cleta in Red

© 2017 | Oil on Canvas

When I first met Dr. Cleta D’Sa, I couldn’t stop staring at her.

I told her this as we were taking source photos. She laughed. I relayed that we would be in meetings and had to remind myself to focus on the topic at hand. She laughed again.

A cellular and molecular biology scientist and expert in Customer Insights, her objectiveness cuts through fabrications that business leaders want to act on. Her approach to user testing is stead-fast and detailed while her personality is sarcastic and playful.

Personally, I think of Cleta as someone who lives her life in the optimal “Not Urgent, Extremely Important” quadrant.

For this series, she was my primary subject. I painted a half a dozen portraits of her. In this show, she has three.

The “black one”, done on a fluke, has forked its own branch after someone said, “Oh, that should be a series of its own.”

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